Life is so busy these days and it means the world that you would take the time to be here - thank you for stopping in! So, hi friend! I'm Doorly, mother of three, wife to a dashing gentleman and serial marathon runner. Home is soon to be the Arizona desert and we are looking forward to all that awaits us.

My love for documenting and memory keeping began at a very young age when a friend introduced me to scrapbooking. It was through that craft and the importance I felt preserving family history was that led me to photography. It's something I have naturally fallen into and feel so grateful for the time I spend behind the camera preserving moments and history for others the way I do my own.

I love to document people, get them comfortable and natural in front of the camera and help them to document the time they have together and the memories they are making. I would love to help preserve those same kind of memories for you. Together we can ensure the preservation of your story and history in a beautiful way! I look forward to working with you!





Up Close

and personal

I love to run! 10 years ago, my husband literally laughed at me when I told him I wanted to run a marathon. 8 marathons later, who's laughing now, sucker?! He is now my biggest fan and supporter and is always at the finish line. I run because it helps me clear my mind, it keeps me in shape, and because it makes me happy. I also have found a love for swimming. I was and still am deathly afraid of the water. I am slowly overcoming those fears and am having fun doing it.


My name is Doorly. It is an Irish Surname that means "Tower of God" (which I absolutely love). My parents found it in an obituary in a newspaper in the Dominican Republic the day I was born and they loved it. So that's what they call me. It's taken me years to embrace my name. Isn't that funny? I have so many nicknames by my uncles and let's not even begin to discuss the autocorrect possibilities for my name. When asked what my name is at a food order for pickup, I often say Ana or Emma. It's just easier. But to my surprise, when I actually give my name, it strikes up conversation about how unique it is or I get asked what it means. Ten minutes later we are sharing life stories and following each other on Instagram. Moral of the story: "Always be yourself and have faith in yourself." - Bruce Lee